My Tweetie Bird

I am a skeptic. When I first heard about Twitter, I thought: “This takes the uselessness of the average social blog to a new height”. Just another way to convey useless information. But despite the relative correctness of my postulation, I was making a critical and all too common mistake of damning the medium for the media. The idea of communicating in short bursts can be useful, when applied correctly.

This came to me when attending to QCon last week. I had attended the year prior, and learned about a lot of things, including some that definitely found a place in our production ecosystem. But one lament of mine was my note taking. I’ve never been that great (or enthused) at note taking, even in college. But I decided to make Twitter my notepad this year. Laptop management in and about the sessions is a pain, so there I was hunched over my iPhone, tweeting away.

At first I tried Twitterific. No, I don’t mind ad-supported software. But I went into the settings and turned off the ever-dumb ‘Everyone’ feed. And yet, the ‘Everyone’ messages it had already pulled in were still present! My queue of information was still filled with mindless garbage posts and every time I would try to make a new post it would zoom me down to some previous post seemingly randomly. Then I moved to Twitterfon, which is simpler. Like many things, simple wins the day.

But overall, Twitter was a hit. Coworkers back on the east coast were following things. I felt like I was actually gettings notes down in a digital form. One that was accessible. One that was realtime. And I got to follow my coworker who was in some different sessions. I guess it has a place afterall. Using it to bring ideas, notes and snippets to a team. Collaboration. I guess I see a point to Twitter afterall.


~ by Quintesson Judge on November 27, 2008.

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